KOGED at Women's Rights Day Panel

KOGED member Sabahat Çarıkçı Ulucutsoy participated in the ''Women have rights'' panel organised by the Municipality of Izmit on Women Rights Day.She gave information to the participants about KOGED's ''If the Subject is Woman'' funded jointly by the UN's  Development of Women Rights  and Sabancı Foundation at the panel.

''If the Subject is Woman'' aimed at raising the public's awareness of societal gender equality.The Project activities were organised in Kocaeli.It was also aimed by the project to empower the decision-makers in the local government to take decisions in favour of women in their future practices.

KOGED worked with KASAUM,Kocaeli University  and  the  Town Council of the Municipality of Başiskele.

KOGED expects that this project and its outcomes will lead other social partners and stakeholders to implement similar projects.








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