Kocaeli Cultural Development&Solidarity Organisation(KOGED) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation.As its name implies,KOGED is mainly engaged in activities aiming at the cultural development of the community,personal development of individuals,charity actions and awareness-raising campaigns for social issues.Hence;the organisation has been implementing non-formal training activities and events such as meetings&workshops to raise the community’s awareness of the important social issues.It has also been implementing national and international projects to achieve the previously stated aims.

Amongst the issues KOGED has addressed so far are equity,gender equality,domestic abuse,women’s rights,volunteerism and the development of the civil society organisations.That is why KOGED has  been giving support to other organisations in the writing and implementation of  internationally-funded projects.

The number of permanent staff is five.KOGED also has a number of volunteer teacher/trainers who work on  an on&off basis.The organisation has  about 50 registered members plus a wide network of local contacts(especially CSOs&schools).








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