Project Writing Training to TEV

KOGED’s project writer&Board member Ayşe Öztürk was invited by the local branch of  Turkish Education Foundation(TEV)to give training to a group of beneficiaries on the 24th May,2014.The interactive&informal training focused on the basic methodology of project writing,international and/or national.After the PowerPoint presentation of the contents,the participants put what they had learnt into practice within groups.We then selected the winner!

KOGED Chairperson,Gülhan Bütün,and our colleague,Saime Kırşavoğlu  were also present at the workshop and they also participated.

As KOGED,we aim to contribute to strengthening the dialogue between civil society organisations.Hence,we are ready for any kind of collaboration which will create synergy between CSOs.The civil society will be better represented by organisations whose capacity is improved and expanded through such cooperation.








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