The 1st International Project Meeting,iVOC

The kick-off meeting of iVOC- international supporting network for vocational and academic guidance staff-,the Leonardo da Vinci project of KOGED's was held by the coordinating organisation,August Horsch Akademie, in Zwickau on the 15th-16th November 2012.The project partners are from Germany,Turkey,the UK,Portugal,Bulgaria,Romania,Italy,Spain,the Netherlands and Belgium.KOGED was represented at the meeting by the chairwoman Gülhan Bütün, our European projects writer&contact person Ayşe Öztürk and two of our members,Hülya Çelik and Zeynep Çalış.


Our Chairwoman Gülhan Bütün,Assistant Chairperson &one of KOGED's founding members Doğan Aydın,members Güzin Şar and Sevil Tirali were invited by Channel TV41 to their program ''Bakış Açısı'' on the 6th of May 2012.The producer and the hostess of the program,Sevcan Tamer asked the guests several questions about the how KOGED was born,the principles of the organisation and its current activities.Mrs Butun gave extensive information about the EU-funded Grundtvig project ''Volunteers Welcome!'',which,as the title implies,focuses on the issue of volunteerism and aims to raise the public's awareness of the subject.The program was broadcast at 8p.m-9.30 p.m.

Volunteers Welcome partners in Krakow

The 6th international meeting of Volunteers Welcome was hosted by our Polish partner,InnCrea in Krakow,Poland between the 3rd-6th of April,2013.Our organisation was represented by the chairlady Gülhan Bütün,members Selma Üler and Derya Tonga.








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