KOGED at Program Advisory Council Meeting of the UN Joint Program for Promoting the Human Rights of Women


 KOGED Chairperson Gülhan Bütün and assistant to the Chairperson,Ayşe Öztürk,participated in the Program Advisory Council Meeting of the United Nations Joint Program for Promoting the Human Rights of Women ,funded  by Sabancı Foundation on 23 February 2015,in Gaziantep.The programme has been  implemented by UNDP and UN Women along with Sabanci University and supported by the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Family and Social Policies and Union of Municipalities of Turkey.The main objective of the Program is to accelerate the implementation of gender equality commitments at the local level and to improve the capacity of local governments, public authorities and NGOs that work in the area of gender equality in order to contribute to the reinforcement of women’s rights.

Following the opening speeches of Ms.Güler Sabancı,Sabanci Foundation Chairperson of Board of Trustees,Fatna Şahin,the Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Mrs. Ingibjorg Gisladottir, UN Women Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia and Representative to Turkey and  Mr. Kamal Malhotra, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative to Turkey,a panel was organised where information about  three major accomplishments were shared with the audience.Mrs Gülhan Bütün,one of the panelists, gave information about KOGED’s project ‘’If the Subject is Woman..’ and about how the project increased the community’s awareness of the issue.

KOGED at Women's Rights Day Panel

KOGED member Sabahat Çarıkçı Ulucutsoy participated in the ''Women have rights'' panel organised by the Municipality of Izmit on Women Rights Day.She gave information to the participants about KOGED's ''If the Subject is Woman'' funded jointly by the UN's  Development of Women Rights  and Sabancı Foundation at the panel.

''If the Subject is Woman'' aimed at raising the public's awareness of societal gender equality.The Project activities were organised in Kocaeli.It was also aimed by the project to empower the decision-makers in the local government to take decisions in favour of women in their future practices.

KOGED worked with KASAUM,Kocaeli University  and  the  Town Council of the Municipality of Başiskele.

KOGED expects that this project and its outcomes will lead other social partners and stakeholders to implement similar projects.

The Final Project Meeting of i-VOC

The final meeting was dedicated to the discussions on the final output of the Project,the Handbook,to reflections on the project progress,the partners’ plans about to ensure  the sustainability of the results&outputs.KOGED Chairperson Gülhan Bütün and our international projects writer,Ayşe Öztürk attended the final Project meeting of our Leonardo Da Vinci Project,’’International  Supporting Network for Vocational &Academic Guidance Staff’’(i-VOC)’’ in derry,Northern Ireland on the 7th-8th May,2014.

Project Writing Training to TEV

KOGED’s project writer&Board member Ayşe Öztürk was invited by the local branch of  Turkish Education Foundation(TEV)to give training to a group of beneficiaries on the 24th May,2014.The interactive&informal training focused on the basic methodology of project writing,international and/or national.After the PowerPoint presentation of the contents,the participants put what they had learnt into practice within groups.We then selected the winner!

KOGED Chairperson,Gülhan Bütün,and our colleague,Saime Kırşavoğlu  were also present at the workshop and they also participated.

As KOGED,we aim to contribute to strengthening the dialogue between civil society organisations.Hence,we are ready for any kind of collaboration which will create synergy between CSOs.The civil society will be better represented by organisations whose capacity is improved and expanded through such cooperation.

VW!The 5th Project Meeting in Berlin

The 5th international meeting of our Grundtvig  Learning Partnership project ''Volunteers Welcome!'' was held in Berlin,Germany,on the 6th and 7th of December 2012.KOGED was represented by the chairlady,Gulhan Butun,international projects writer&coordinator Ayşe Öztürk and 6 of our members.Two meetings were organised at the same time,the steering committees' meeting and the learners' workshop.Learners from 7 partners discussed the issue of volunteerism in their respective countries,the problems faced,solutions offer and examples  of good practices.The results were then presented to the rest of the participants.








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