Supporting Professional Development of Migrant-related Educators is a two-year Erasmus+KA2 DOI project aiming at the professional development of adult trainers,who work with refugees/ migrants on a day-to-day basis. Another aim is to enhance and facilitate collaboration between NGOs and public organisations who tackle the issue of migrants and support them in their integration efforts.The 7 partners from 6 Program countries will cooperate to generate the two substantial outputs;The Migration Report and the Training Curriculum for the online training activity


"Entrepreneurship for Rural Areas and Social Integration-Network for Guidance and Education" is a two-year ERASMUS+KA2  Cooperation  for  Innovation  and  the Exchange of Good  Practices  Strategic  Partnerships   for  Vocational  Education   and  Training  project   which will be implemented by  10 partners from 7 European countries .  It  addresses  more than one field and aims to develop horizontal skills: European cross-board  entrepreneurship  based  on  international  communication in  foreign languages   and ICT 

Skills Training for NGO Trainers

‘’Skills Training for NGO Trainers’’ is an Erasmus+ KA1 Staff Mobility project for adult education trainers.KOGED trainers will attend a training course organised by a training provider in May 2016 London,the UK.Some of the  themes the course will address are: New teaching /Learning methods and tools,sociological and pedagogical factors in adult education,different methods of motivating adult students and NGO management. The gained knowledge and experience will be shared with other NGOs and related institutions via a series of seminars and workshops.

25-28 April 2016 Era+ Meeting


We held the 2nd project meeting of our ERA+ project in Izmit  on  25-28 April 2016. Our Chairwoman Gülhan Bütün started the meeting with a welcoming speech,the project coordinator Ayşe Öztürk and KOGED member  Fatih Başarış were also present.
 17 people from ten  partner institutions attended the  meeting chaired by Ayşe Öztürk.
We reviewed  the project work we have carried out so far;particularly ,our work on one of the main outputs of the project:’’Step by Step Guide’’ for young and potential entrepreneurs in the rural areas,we also made presentations about our entrepreneurs’ business ideas.
KOGED’s cooperation with the potential young entrepreneurs will continue in future stages of the project.
Another item on the agenda was the partners’ examples of social entrepreneurship projects,we presented our ‘’Konu Kadınsa’’ project at this stage.
We organised a visit to the Young Entrepreneurs Center of Izmit Municipality,
The director of the center gave us information about the facilities and utilities the Municipality provides for young entrepreneurs at the Center.
 It was not all work for us,of course!We also organised a city tour for our guests and took them to the leading sightseeing spots around Izmit.
For further information about the project,please visit the project’s page on our website.








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