The training of Adult Education Trainers concerned with the Refugees

Turkey is now facing one of the biggest immigration waves in its history.Our country has become an important actor in the global immigration movement.According to the data from the United Nations,the number of refugees and asylum seekers  all across the countries has been 4.500.000.

The number of the refugees and asylum seekers who have arrived in Turkey since 2011 has been 1.905.000 according to the data ,dated August 2015, from the Directorate General  of Migration Management of the Ministry of Interior.The number of the same group of people, who have come to Kocaeli, is around 15.000.


The increase in the number of the refugees due to the ongoing war ,the asylum period exceeding the predictions and the indefinite nature of this period have greatly necessitated the need for attaching importance to the education and employment aspects of the problem.The predicament of these people makes humanitarian approach necessary first;it gives important responsibilities to the Turkish community and the State.The fact that public and civil authorities do not have adequate information about the situation of the refugees causes confusion.This project is necessary to make public& civil society organisations and the local government search for solutions to this problem,to share responsibilites and to organise effective awareness-raising campaigns.The role of each partner within the Consortium is indispensable.Additionally,the common work  is expected to become a good example of the cooperation between public  and civil society organisations.Linguistic and other skills training for the adults,provision of training for qualified employees who can contribute to the national economy,development of the organisational structure of the modern asylum and immigration system  and training of specialist professionals in this system are all important issues.

The aim ofthe project is to train adult trainees,to share experience and knowledge with European countries experienced in this matter and to raise the public awareness.Other aims include:to collaborate  with European countries and thus,learn from one another,to ensure compliance with today's information society with a high quality education and training at all levels and to contribute to the national economy.

The consortium has three partners; Kartepe Halk Eğitim, Kartepe Belediyesi Meslek Edindirme Kursu and KOGED.The Project started in November  2016 and It will be finished  in November 2017.


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