KA1 Training in Stockholm,SWEDEN


We participated in the 7- day  training for adult educators working with refugees in Stockholm.The  Project ‘’Training of Adult Education Trainers Concerned with Refugees’’ aims at skills development of adult educators who work with the disadvantaged group on a day –to-day basis.The visit to the youth center ,FRYSHUSET, was especially informative all nine participants from the consortium.

The 3rd Seminar of MEET Project


We participated in the 3rd seminar of our KA1 project: "MEET: Training of Adult Educators Concerned with Refugees". The main topic of the event was displacement of people and the trauma it results in. The presenter, Mr Bektas Kocyigit participated in several rehabilition programs for the victims of various disastrous events in Turkey. The seminar focused mainly on more than 3.5 million Syrian refugees in our country and various problems they are faced with. Mr Kocyigit emphasized that social integration requires efforts not only on refugees' part but local communities should also display willingness and make efforts to embrace these people.

A future seminar will be dedicated to pathways to solutions.

The training of Adult Education Trainers concerned with the Refugees

Turkey is now facing one of the biggest immigration waves in its history.Our country has become an important actor in the global immigration movement.According to the data from the United Nations,the number of refugees and asylum seekers  all across the countries has been 4.500.000.

The number of the refugees and asylum seekers who have arrived in Turkey since 2011 has been 1.905.000 according to the data ,dated August 2015, from the Directorate General  of Migration Management of the Ministry of Interior.The number of the same group of people, who have come to Kocaeli, is around 15.000.

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The 1st Seminar of Project MEET


KOGED president Gülhan Bütün and members participated in  the first of seven seminars within the scope of our KA1 project ‘’MEET:The training of Adult Education Trainers concerned with the Refugees’’ at Dürdane Özdilek Primary School on the 13th of march,2017. The seminar focused on Geneva Convention for the Legal Status of Refugees and  Refugee Rights and Human Rights. 

The seminar was organised jointly by the coordinator Kartepe Community Training Center, which provides linguistic and vocational courses for the Syrian refugees in the area, the Vocational Training Course provider of the Municipality of Kartepe. 

The attendees included teachers, trainers and several refugee families in the area who were able to ask questions to Dr.Itır Görentaş from the Department of International Relations of Kocaeli University.

 The event was interactive ,spontaneous at times and highly relevant.

KOGED’s new KA1 project

KOGED’s new KA1 project ‘’MEET:The Training of Adult Education Trainers concerned with Refugees’’ has officially started on the 1st  November,2016.The project is to be coordinated by Kartepe Community Center.The consortium includes KOGED and the Municipality of Kartepe(KARMEK) as partners.

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