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We developed the E-Learning platform within the framework of the SUMIGRE - Supporting Professional Development of Migrant-related Educators project, funded by ERASMUS+.We collaborated with the partner organisations from  Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, the UK and Hungary. The course contents was also translated into all partner languages.  

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The final transnational meeting of the SUMIGRE project


The final transnational meeting of the SUMIGRE project, which was hosted by our partner IOM Budapest,  took place in Budapest on the 20-21st of June 2019. 

 Special attention was given to the e-learning platform and the trainees’ feedback so far, the e-course  is available now in all partner languages. The responsible partner presented and analysed the results of the evaluation of the project activities, mainly the multiplier events and the e-learning activity. 

We also  dedicated some time to  the budget of the project as the final report is getting closer. The rules of filling in the financial report was explained to the partners and the need for regular contact and cooperation was enhanced.

The upcoming tasks are to prepare the  final report and continue the dissemination and exploitation activities, both at local/regional,  national and European level to ensure the sustainability of the SUMIGRE intellectual outputs.

The 2 -day meeting ended with a general satisfaction of the partners about the work done during these 2 years. All proposed project activities have been accomplished in line with the work plan. All present expressed their satisfaction with the high level and positive collaboration between the partners and the quality of the project outcomes. 


The 4th SUMIGRE partnership meeting in London


Our  4th project meeting was organised by MRC and held in London on the 6-7th Nov. 2018. We dedicated  the better  part of the meeting  to the development of the curriculum for e-Learning training in May, 2019. The curriculum aims at educators working with immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees . It includes modules on  essential topics such as the human rights of immigrants,development of  intercultural  awareness, intercultural competences and communication, cultural enterprise in  education, discrimination in education and second language teaching.  Our next  task will be to translate the curriculum into the partner languages in order to ensure its wider use by the national target groups.

On the 1st day of the meeting , the Protection Gap Advocates , who are asylum seekers,  participated in the meeting.They shared information about their experience and their expectations of educators who teach immigrants. It was  thought-provoking  for us all!

We also had the opportunity  to learn about  the interim evaluation and dissemination results of SUMIGRE thanks to the detailed reports by our partners BDA and BDF. We were happy to note that the good communication and the commitment of the partners were especially emphasized  in the Evaluation report ! According to the Dissemination Report , the project has been disseminated to more than 10000 people so far via various tools  and channels! This  amazing figure  shows that all of us  have been using the dissemination tools at our disposal very efficiently

The Multiplier Event of SUMIGRE


We held the multiplier event of our project : Erasmus + KA2 SUMIGRE: Supporting Professional Development of the Migrant-related Educators on 27/04/2019 in İzmit. We shared striking facts&figures about migrants in our country and in the world, especially in the field of education, with our participants consisting of educators and NGO representatives. We also gave general information about the project aims&the target group and the intellectual outputs. It was a good occasion to share knowledge and experience with the participants as the majority of them teach refugee students! 

For access to SUMIGRE's website and the intellectual outputs (the Migration Report and the Training Curriculum on the e-Learning Platform, please visit the project's website:

We were in Sofia


 The fifth  transnational project meeting of the SUMIGRE was held in Sofia,BG on the 5-6 th of March, 2019. Our partner ,BDA hosted the meeting and the Agenda included some important issues such as the completed Training Curriculum: Migrant-related Educators’ Training and the e-Learning platform. The online training will be accessible in all partner languages: Turkish,English, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech and Dutch. Follow us on this website for the  web address of  the platform!

The partners also shared information about their local dissemination activites and discussed the guidelines for the organisation of the upcoming multiplier events. Our partner, BDF, shared the results of the internal evaluation they have been conducting with all present.

The  3rd newsletter , designed by MRC and Kartepe HEM, was another topic for discussion. It is to be avaliable on this website shortly!

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