The 3rd Transnational Meeting of SUMIGRE


Our partner, Business Development Friesland(BDF) hosted the 3rd transnational meeting of the project  in the city of Leeuwarden on the 12th-13th of  July 2018.

The primary aims of the meeting were the  overview of the project development, the activities implemented so far  and the results – mainly the completed Migration Report which is downloadable from this website-and setting up the  schedule for the next activities and tasks. The translated good practices from the partner countries are also accessible on this website.

 BDF shared the results of the evaluation of the two previous transnational meetings with the partners, the participants also shared information about their  ongoing  and upcoming dissemination activities which includes a thematic workshop by the end of the 1st project year.

The better part of the meeting was dedicated to the 2nd intellectual output of the project: Training curriculum for migrant-related educators who are the main target group of the project. We discussed the structure and the contents of the curriculum& the layout and clarified each partner organisation’s individual task.

The two guest migrant educators,  who are responsible for providing integration programmes ,  gave general information about  the situation of migrants in the Netherlands  and Dutch language education for non-Dutch migrants in the country. They also mentioned the common challenges they have to deal with in their work which led us to reflecting  on our own experiences !


SUMIGRE partners were in Prague


We held the  2nd transnational meeting of SUMIGRE   in Prague on 16-17 April 2018.Our Czech partner, Schola Empirica hosted the meeting which focused mainly on the finalised draft of the 1st intellectual output of the project: Migration Report. It will be accessible on the project website by the end of June, 2018. 

We presented our national good practice examples of a)provision of training opportunities for migrant-related educators in the partner countries  and of b)cross-sectoral collaboration in migrant-related issues. These  will  be  annexed to the Report and translated into the partner languages. 

The visits to the two migrant-related organisations, which were quite inspiring, gave us an insight into how they go about their work and what kind of services they provide for migrants.

Last but not the least at all, the meeting enabled us to exchange experience and  knowledge, share views  and monitor how the project has been proceeding.

The Kick-off Meeting in Turkey


SUMIGRE partners held the 1st project meeting on 18-19 January 2018 in Izmit.

After the introduction of the partner organisations, the meeting focused mainly on the aims, objectives, project management& monitoring tools, the outputs, planned activities and the expected outcomes to understand the project background, understand the criteria which will ensure our success and  understand our tasks and responsibilities and agree on certain issues.

In addition, we paid a visit to the "Al Shami Kitchen", a cooking and bakery facility provided for Syrian refugee women by Izmit Municipality, and tasted the  traditional Syrian food which they cook and sell to contribute to their family income. The walk through the Izmit Historical Corridor and other sightseeing spots was the final activity of the 2-day meeting.

The partners will meet again in April,2018 in  Prague.

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