Skills Training for NGO Trainers Meeting

Kocaeli Kültürel Gelişim ve Dayanışma Derneği held the 4th meeting of its KA1 project ‘’Skills Training for NGO Trainers'’  on March 19, at Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality ‘s Centre for Civil Society. The project coordinator&chairwoman Gülhan Bütün,the assistant to the chairwoman Ayşe Öztürk, board members Alparslan Bütün and Saime Kirsavoglu,members Güzin Şar and Fatih Başarış participated in the meeting which was mainly dedicated to cultural preparation for the staff who are to participate in  the training which is to take place in May,2016,in the UK.

Skills Training for NGO Staff Project training had completed

KOGED team participated in a training programme within the scope of the project:'' Skills Training for NGO Staff '' which we have been conducting within the framework of Erasmus + ,KA1 Staff Mobility program. The training was organised by our English partner,Kairos Ltd. between  16-20 May 2016  in London.The programme mainly covered a variety of topics from  legal arrangements for the establishment of associations in England, the organization stages, the areas in which they operate, the problems they face, to adult education, cultural diversity, the kind of activities NGOs can become engaged in to contribute to the solution of problems immigrants and refugees are faced with,etc.  As the training sessions were quite interactive,we shared  information about the work of NGOs in Turkey,too.

KOGED trainees included  President Gülhan Bütün, Board members Ayse Öztürk, Alparslan Bütün , Saime Kirşavoglu and our member &technical staff ,Fatih Başarış.

You can visit our website for more information about the project on the project page

KOGED’s KA1 Adult Education Staff Mobility project kicks off

"Skills Training for NGO Trainers"  has started with the kick-off meeting  the project team held on 6/2/2016 at Sivil Toplum Merkezi in Izmit.The author  and  the coordinator  of the project ,Gülhan Butun gave information to the rest of the team about the aims,planned activities,the scheduled training programme in the UK and the expected results of the project.

More meetings with the trainees are planned within the project lifetime. They will  attend 6-hour seminars per month within a period of 5months.

 The themes of the seminars include,among others,:

 1 - The civil society’s participation in democracy in Turkey

2 - NGOs, organization and management

3-Communication skills

4-Collaboration with volunteers

5-Budget monitoring and tips for NGOS.

It is expected that the participants will have information about the operating systems of the CSOs in Turkey before they have the opportunity to learn about how their European counterparts operate;this will enable them to compare and contrast the systems.The  seminars will be prepared in cooperation with Kocaeli University and the Kocaeli Directorate of NGOs.

Skills Training for NGO Staff

‘’Skills Training for NGO Trainers’’ is an Erasmus+ KA1 Staff Mobility project for adult education trainers.KOGED trainers will attend a training course organised by a training provider  in May 2016 London,the UK.Some of the  themes the course will address are: New teaching /Learning methods and tools,sociological and pedagogical factors in adult education,different methods of motivating adult students and NGO management.

The gained knowledge and experience will be shared with other NGOs and realted institutions via a series of seminars and workshops.

The themes of the seminars will be:

 1 - The civil society’s participation in democracy in Turkey

2 - NGOs, organization and management

3-Communication skills 

4-Cooperation with volunteers








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