The 3rd Meeting of ERA+



 KOGED President Gulhan Butun and the project coordinator ,Ayşe Öztürk,participated in the 3rd meeting of the KA2 Startegic Partnerships project, "Entrepreneurship  for Rural Areas and Social Integration- Network for Guidance and Education" in Tallinn,Estonia on the 26-27 September 2016.

The project partners discussed the previous year’s work,especially the completed  Step by Step Guide for Young Entrepreneurs which is  to be shared as OER on the project website.

Further discussions comprised the partners’ dissemination activities and the preparations for the second intellectual output to be realised within the second project year:e-learning platform and the e-laboratory for young entrepreneurs from each partner country.The partners will develop the learning materials  which will be avaliable online to more than 100 participants who will form ten transnational groups eventually , create business ideas and  reflect on various phases of  putting  their entrepreneurial  ideas into successful practices.

For further information about the project,please go  to the project page on our website or visit the ERA+ website by clicking on the project logo on the front page.









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