A New Erasmus+ Project for KOGED

We  have started a new two-year  KA2 Strategic Partnership project in the Erasmus + program. It is titled as  ERA+ (Entrepreneurship for Rural Areas and Social Integration - Network for Guidance and Education).The coordinator of the project  is ASCETIS from Romania.We are ten partners  from Romania, Turkey, Poland, Estonia, Spain, Belgium and  Bulgaria. The project addresses  skills development in more than one area, i.e. entrepreneurship, language and IT skills.Prior to the project, a needs analysis was conducted  among  secondary school students, youth and adults.The results of the survey  implied a big need for entrepreneurship education  especially in the rural areas.                         The project  intends to respond to this need by accomplishing the following objectives:

-Development of a training program for potential entrepreneurs and to create a virtual learning environment

-Establishing an inter-sectoral  network with the participation of  schools from seven European countries, civil society organizations, SMEs and  social and cultural entrepreneurs

Project partners will organise  workshops,conferences and education fairs with local stakeholders  and they will  ensure the widespread disseminaton of  the OERs the project will produce.








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